Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC , established in January 2011, is a full-service drafting company providing quality, professional services to the glass and glazing industry. We specialize in drafting and design, BIM and Model Making and Fabrication Drawings. Our company has experience in all phases of glass and glazing. Our team of highly skilled, innovative professionals are committed to producing top quality work.

At Boyas Drafting & Design, we offer high-quality, thorough drawings where every scope of work is drawn to meet all specifications and functionality. Our drawings are well thought out, serve a purpose and will produce no discrepancies. We are experienced in all phases of the architectural, aluminum and glazing systems, as well as engineered structural glazing and building industry. Our services and solutions include, 2D/3D Drafting Modeling, As-Built Drawings, Curtain Wall Shop Drawings, Embed Layouts, Glass-Glazing Drawings, Storefront Shop Drawings and much more.

As a team, with varied and immense experience, it makes it possible for us to provide the best quality solutions, service and products, while consistently meeting all project needs and goals on time. We are dedicated to establishing long-term, client relationships and to meeting all highly demanding time schedules. Since we have been in business, our success in the industry has grown and is due to providing superior service and products every day. All work is quoted on a per job basis. Every project is started with a substantial undertaking in research and development. We take pride in every job, whether big or small, and most jobs are completed within two weeks.

Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC is a national based company. The geographical areas we continue to service include Valparaiso, IN; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL and its surrounding suburbs. Our building markets include residential, non-residential and commercial areas. At Boyas Drafting & Design, we focus on providing detailed, quality work and cost-effective services at competitive prices.

For any questions about our services or for pricing, contact Filomeno Boyas (Filo) by phone at 847-450-6028, or e-mail at We look forward to working with you!